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Trading Updates-Added LNKD, SYT, STJ, Sold VA, RAX

Hihi, it has been a while since i last updated my trading positions.

I had added two major positions while paring back on RAX and other minor positions.

On 14 Oct 2016, SYT crashed on news that Sinochem and ChemChina are going to merge and I believed that even if the news is true, ChemChina will complete SYT merger first before merging with SinoChem. In the meantime, LNKD submitted to EU for approval with initial deadline on 22nd Nov. This is the last hurdle for the LNKD deal and i think the EU will approve with some concessions.

I had to sell more than half of my RAX position not because of lack of convictions but because I needed the capital to invest in SYT and LNKD. RAX is a steady merger arbitrage holding but when better opportunities appear, I will sell it and re-invest in investments with higher returns.

Click link for my trading records.


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  1. What changes your view on va?

    1. IMO, VA will be approved with concessions but mergers in certain industries like utilities, airlines and food usually takes more time to complete than other industries like Tech. The merger spread of VA now is about 5% and Alaska is still talking to DOJ..airline mergers are complex and the DOJ approval may drag till Nov or even Dec.

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