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FTC Requested Additional Info From ChemChina/Syngenta While Canadian Competition Bureau Approved

Some bad news first…Syngenta had revealed that FTC had asked for second request of information which will move back the deadline clock for approval by another 30 days after ChemChina and Syngenta had submitted all the additional information that FTC had requested. This may take 2 months more but if ChemChina/Syngenta quickly submits the necessary […]

Agrochemical Mega-Tieups Updates on Merger Progress

ChemChina and Syngenta had submitted concessions to EU commission according to EU antitrust filings and major news reports. According to sources indicated in the Reuters News report, the concessions are likely to be minor and less than $500 Million in value. These concessions will be addressing products which had little competition in addition to commitments […]

Australian Regulators Approved ChemChina-Syngenta Merger

Below are the approval text from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will not oppose the proposed acquisition by China National Chemical Corporation’s (ChemChina) of Syngenta AG (Syngenta). “The ACCC found that ChemChina would continue to face competition in the supply of crop protection products from a range of […]

Replies to Questionaire from CADE regarding ChemChina-Syngenta Merger

The Brazilian Antitrust authority – CADE is currently probing the ChemChina-Syngenta merger. In order to understand and test if the merger is anti-competitive in the Brazilian market, CADE had sent out questionaires to agricultural chemical suppliers, distributors and end-users. We can learn alot about the agricultural chemical market from the reply and deduce the chances […]

Syngenta-ChemChina Deal Closing Likely to Be Delayed But ChemChina Ready to Offer More Concessions

In the earnings update press held today, Syngenta Chief Executive Erik Fyrwald said that due to increased consolidations as well as the increased EU antitrust workload plus the merger parties being swamped with request for information, he predicted that there is a high possibility that the merger investigations will go into phase 2 and hence […]

ChemChina-Syngenta Merger Regulatory Approval Updates

Updates on ChemChina-Syngenta merger’s regulatory approval processes throughout the world that I am aware of: Already Approved Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., or CFIUS approved on 22nd Aug 2016. Common Market For Eastern And Southern Africa, or COMESA approved on 30th Sep 2016. See Link. Submitted For Approval Administrative Council for Economic Defense […]

ChemChina Takeover of Syngenta Seen on Track despite concerns

The SinoChem-ChemChina rumor has been a major surprise for Syngenta investors. Originally investors thought that only funding and regulatory issues are the only concerns but now another issue has appeared in the form of SinoChem. According to sources, the Chinese government is pushing for a merger of both giants. This leaves Syngenta investors scrambling to […]

China Planning Merger of Sinochem, ChemChina

Another agro-chemical mega-merger in the works? It was also not clear how the the plan would affect China National Chemical, also known as ChemChina, and its proposed acquisition of Syngenta AG… China planning a merger of Sinochem and ChemChina, a source says via @business — MergerPie (@mergerpie) October 14, 2016 I would imagine ChemChina […]

ChemChina Subsidiary’s Acquisition of Syngenta Hits Snag

Seemed like ChemChina have not managed to secure all the financing needed for the acquisition of Syngenta via a report from Caixin. ChemChina Subsidiary's Acquisition of Syngenta Hits Snag — MergerPie (@mergerpie) October 10, 2016 Syngenta came out with some reassurances that the bridge financing is committed and irrevocable Syngenta: ChemChina's bridge financing 'committed […]

ChemChina Syngenta Merger Smooth Sailing After CFIUS Clearance?

ChemChina’s acquisition of Syngenta was viewed with skeptism because of national security issue. CFIUS was not shy to deny mergers based on national security issues on sensitive industries such as semiconductors and food, especially when the buyer is from China. Syngenta’s products are considered to be vital to food security of the United States, and […] © 2016 Frontier Theme