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Sep 2017 Trade Update


ADDED Brocade, Time Warner, Monsanto:

Brocade: My only major holding currently with about 40% allocation (Total long positions + buying power).  I'm still adding to my position if the price is favorable. I am highly confident of the completion of the merger by 30th Nov which will net about 4% profits from now. See my previous post for reasons why I am so confident-

Time Warner: I had established a starter position about 4% allocation. Another deal that is near the completion of its marathon. Only DOJ and Brazil authorities left before the merger can complete. Trump attacked the merger during his elections but had since been quiet on it.

Monsanto: Another starter position. Traded Monsanto in and out from various price levels. I was waiting to go in around $116 but last month's movement for Monsanto was very positive and it broke $120 price level. After a great Q4 2017 earnings report, the margin of safety for holding Monsanto is even higher so I re-started my positions even though the price is higher than what I had sold.

TRADED: Kite Pharma

Kite Pharma: Traded a little position on the last few days of the merger.


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